Archives of Personal Papers ex libris Ludwig Benner, Jr.
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This sectrion contains an unannotated listing of my works presently accessible via this site (blue titles), or available from the author. Printable and editable copies of pdf files can be made available by contacting "me" at this web site.

Special historical documents

    • A document tracing the development and adoption of a new paradigm for the safer handling of hazardous materials emergencies by emergency responders during the period 1968-1980 is posted here. .

    • Some unpublished papers on topics such as Time/Loss histories as an underused safety resource, some reflections on scientific method, and hazmat emergency response network talking points may be of interest to researchers.

Special posting: The D.E.C.I.D.E./GEBMO Story + related documents

Unpublished papers on line

  1. Benner, L. and Murphy, M., LOSS HISTORIES: AN UNDERUSED SAFETY RESOURCE, 2003An extensive demonstration of the application of Time/Loss Analysis metrics for emergency response evaluations, with resultant findings.

  2. Benner, L., ,REFLECTIONS ON SCIENTIFIC METHOD,course handout, USC ISSM 514, MS-Safety program, 1978.

  3. Internal document for NTSB: Background Paper: Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Networkk, TE40 (L Benner) Hazmat Div to provide talking points in support of an NTSB recommendation.

  4. vMore to follow as they are digitized.