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  Uncategorized Works   

This section contains a listing of works like drafts, notes, transcript excerpts, sketches, and other idea starters that do not fit any other categories. If they are not accessible here, contact "me" for information about their availability.
  1. Technical Notes about MES and Investigation Catalyst software discuss unwarranted assumptions about MES, paradigm shifts, reasoning issues, and software notes.

  2. 10 Axioms for investigators to improve investigators' performance.

  3. Editorial pages with observations about investigation matters.

  4. Review of a major study of a national investigation agency.

  5. History of a Freedom of Information Request to a US investigation agency.
    Shortly thereafter the agency began reporting such requests.

  6. Excerpts from a transcript of a1979 panel discussion about radioactive materials transportation accidents and their investigation during an NRC-ACRS subcommittee meeting on Licensee Event Reports. (34 pages with my remarks and responses during a Q & A.) .